People are so stupid - after adopting out cats for 20 years, I cannot get
over it. 

Once poor Barnaby  is out of there, they should cement that gap so it
doesn't happen again. Can food and water be placed into that crawlspace?



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One of my FeLV foster cats, Barnaby, was adopted last week. His adopters
kept him in a bathroom for 2 days (they were told to give him at least 2
weeks to get used to being moved) & then let him out in a house. He
immediately went in a crawl space in the basement. The space is
inaccessible. He has not eaten food that has been left in the ceiling. This
is going on a week now he has not had food or water. 

We are going over tonight to with a "snake" camera which can see into tight
places. We have to decide whether to cut a hole in the side of the house or
remove the bathtub.

Please don't judge this persons involved. Just please keep him in your
thoughts tonight.




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