When we found out Zoey was + with FeLV I automatically thought like what your 
describing, he was going to have to be laid to rest, however, my vet was very 
optimistic and caring. She assured me that things were going to be fine, 
different, but fine. Thye stood by my decision to keep him alive, they would 
call once a month to check in on him, and always were very accomidating in 
providing care at a decent price. However a few weeks ago when we took him in, 
before putting him down, she even shed a tear herself that he was in a lot of 
pain, and they could treat him but it didn't look like he was going to stay 
better. So, we made the decision. 
But you are correct. A lot of people even that when we told them that Zoey was 
"special" they would ask why? Why would you want a cat tat was sick like that 
and I've even been called Selfish for letting him suffer, however the first 
year was a little ruff, but the three years later, up until 6 months before we 
put him down, you couldn't even tell.
- Joslin

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One of the strangest problems I face with my FeLv+ and FIV+ cats is going to 
the vet for a simple health issue.  I bring in a fat, sleek cat with a URI and 
the vet asks me, in the course of treatment "Is this one of  your FeLv+ or FIV+ 
cats?"  Well, I have to say yes because we are at the doctor's office and it's 
not good to hide medical facts from your cat's doctor, right?  And most of the 
time, even though the vet knows my opinion on cats who have these two 
disorders, the cat is viewed as different from another cat with a URI or 
diarrhea, or whatever simple issue the cat is going through and several times I 
have gotten a lecture of the This Is The Beginning Of The End type along with 
the antibiotic shot or whatever the protocol was for the actual issue.  I find 
this annoying and frightening because I feel that my special needs cats are 
being treated as hopeless and perhaps are being given less appropriate 
treatment than my regular cats.  Has
 anyone noticed this problem with their feline health care provider?  There is 
one vet who I used for 15 years until I moved 50 miles away that never did this 
and never made me feel that I was selfishly keeping a sick cat alive.  I would 
bring in my FIV+ and FeLv+ kits and he would treat them the same way he would 
treat the others.  Even when I would tell him that Wally or Sugar or whoever, 
was FIV+ or Taco was FeLv+ he would say, "Yes, I know.  I did the test, 
remember? But this is just an upper respiratory infection." and that would be 
it.  Shot given, pills prescribed, bill paid.  I wish all vets were like that.

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