Although this IS off topic in one way, as I said before, we do not live 
in a bubble and when, thankfully there are no cats whose caregivers are 
in dire need of FeLv advice, we should be allowed to wander off topic 
for a while.  Maybe we should begin our off topic discussions with the 
disclaimer - "Since there are no caregivers needing advice with a dire 
problem at this time, let's discuss..." 

For the most part, given
 the inflammatory nature of this particular election, I think we have 
been more than courteous and polite both to the candidates and to each 
other. I for one NEVER brought into the discussion anything but what the
 candidates are saying and how I feel about what they are offering.  I 
never personally met Mr. Romney or Mr. Ryan or President Obama or Vice 
President Biden so I can't say whether or not I
 personally like any of them.  But I can understand how each of their 
platforms would impact my life and my ability to care for my cats.  
That's really all that matters to me.  If Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse 
were running, it wouldn't matter as long as each had a platform that I 
could evaluate and either accept or reject.

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