Diane R., not only are you pretty sure - you are absolutely correct!
Not to mention what Mitt and Paul intend to do: Get rid of Planned
Parenthood which screens women for cancer, has helped a friend of mine
numerous times because she can't afford to go to a doctor; reverse Roe V.
Wade, getting women killed in back alleys, adopt "personhood" which will
make certain birth control illegal and criminal, overturn Obamacare but
promises to keep pre-existing conditions clause (although it applies ONLY to
people who have had long-time insurance, not for new applicants with
pre-existing conditions!) and women will automatically be back at the status
of having pre-existing conditions just because they're women,....just to
mention a few.
An American friend is retired in Belgium and my husband just came back from
Sweden - people there cannot believe that this is part of US politics!  Even
though many European countries are Catholic or of other religions, they do
not meddle in people's bedrooms!

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Um, I don't think the guy who was President the last 4 years caused ANY of
the problems you mention. In fact, I know he didn't. I'm pretty sure in fact
that his predecessor did, and the "new person" is from that same party and
has that same agenda. We had the worst recession since 1929, and if you've
read any American History, that catastrophe took almost 10 years to recover
from, and that was with Congress more or less working together.

Diane R.

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Ok.. you are profiling and that is just plain wrong:)   If we have the past
4 yours as the next 4 years,  there will be a mass revolt.
Seriously, from mass job losses, no growth of our country,  the division of
our country,  we have to take a chance on a new person:) It can't get any
worse.  That is my 2 cents!

Now , back to our Felv + kitties.  I am fairly new to this group and joined
because of losing my cat, Prancer.  He lived for 9+ years, a very healthy
life. Then bang, like a whirlwind, we lost him.  So my two questions to this
group is the following:

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