One of my FeLVs got really high temps once. He was at the emergency vet all 
weekend. He got over it, but started a downward spiral after that for the next 
Why does he want to put her on the cerenia? is she vomiting a lot?

I understand you keeping her separate if she is sick, but as long as your other 
cats are vaccinated there is no reason to keep them separate once she is well. 
It just stresses them out.


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My 7yr old has up till this point shown no signs of the virus.
Tuesday she was acting very odd and not eating. I took her to the vet, who ran 
Her lympocytes were incredibly high, wbc was high (can't remember the numbers), 
she had a 104 temp. She got injections of b12, steroid, antibiotic and I was 
sent home with antibiotic and pain meds if needed and an appetite stimulant. 
Wed she wouldn't eat again so I was syringe feeding her. I have been giving her 
the anitbio and app stimulant. Today she started to eat on her own, although I 
will still syringe to make sure she's getting enough nutrients.  She also has 
IBD but the vet said to give her whatever she'll eat at this point to at least 
get her wanting to eat again. We sent the bloodwork out to a lab to assure the 
in house results were correct, they were. 
My vet wants to start her on cerenia, keep her on the anitbio and the app 
stimulant. We're basically going to take it day by day at this point. Since she 
is now shedding the virus she is staying in her bedroom (which has a screen 
door on it) but is a little stressed that she can't come out and visit when we 
are home. I've been going in and visiting as much as possible but it's hard 
when I'm gone for most of the day. We have another kitty who we have to get 
tested in 2 months to see if she was exposed.
If anyone has suggestions or opinions I would appreciate it. Also, has anyone 
used cerenia and is there anything I should know about it?
Has anyone else gone through similiar experiences and can offer any advice?
Thanks in advance and sorry this is so long.
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