wonderful of you..........Miss Kitty sounds like a real Bombay kitty.Cathy 
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Thanks to all for kind words.  I am what I am - an animal lover.

For those who care to know:

I got both cats tho had to drive all the way to camp ground, (abt 6
hrs round trip), as cats were uncooperative to the point of downright
hostility when Marcia's brother, Craig, had them in cardboard
carriers.  Cat scratch fever!  He ended up putting them/in folding dog
crate til I got there.

Appears the grey one (actually more of a brown/black/grey tabby), was
NOT the one the woman had deserted.  The smaller black female was
hers.  The grey is a battle scarred fully intact male who roamed the
campground.  Craig had the honor of naming him - Ozzie it is.  Oz for
short.  I am concerned about him as he is hoarse, has a funny nose,
tearing eyes and sneezes....upper resp issues at the very least I
suspect.  As soon as I closed them in my master bathroom (quarantine),
he spent over 1/2 hr scarfing down food and water.

Smaller black cat appears to have absolutely NO white on her.  Not on
chest, feet, tip of tail, nothing.  Never seen one pure black before.
She is a lover/lap cat.  First thing out of carrier she made one round
of bathroom and used the litter pan.  My kind of Kitty.

Unless Craig or Marcia come up with something else I am calling her
Miss Kitty after Marshall Dillion's lady friend in Gun Smoke.
According to Craig he talked to the lady who left her behind and Miss
Kitty has been spayed and tested neg for FeLV.  I have to ask him if
he knows if she has had her vaccinations or not cause I don't want to
double dose her.

So, all is quiet in the master bathroom, I am calling my vet first
thing tomorrow and 4 of my other kitties are lined up outside the
bathroom door waiting to try and sneak in.  Film at 11.

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