This happened to one of my cats. He ended up negative. I hope the same happens 
for yours.

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>Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Cat in Ohio needs home
>Sandy hit us hard!  We had 3 feet of heavy wet snow which pulled down trees
>as well as electric and phone lines.  I had no idea we'd get hit so hard
>this far inland, as we are in the eastern mountains of WV, but we had no
>electricity for two weeks and we still don't have a phone or internet
>service. We have to drive out to a place that has service.
>Anyway, I was not able to check into the group all this time, and I was
>very worried about that cat in Ohio who was abandoned.  Now I know both
>cats are fine and have found a home.  
>THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for your kindness in taking these poor babies.  
>The woman who abandoned them should be ashamed of herself. I'd like to 
>see her chained to her front porch all winter with no food or shelter!
>Lorrie and 24 rescued cats
>On 10-31, Kathryn Green wrote:
>> Thanks to all for kind words.  I am what I am - an animal lover.
>> For those who care to know:
>> I got both cats tho had to drive all the way to camp ground, (abt 6
>> hrs round trip), as cats were uncooperative to the point of downright
>> hostility when Marcia's brother, Craig, had them in cardboard
>> carriers.  Cat scratch fever!  He ended up putting them/in folding dog
>> crate til I got there.
>> Appears the grey one (actually more of a brown/black/grey tabby), was
>> NOT the one the woman had deserted.  The smaller black female was
>> hers.  The grey is a battle scarred fully intact male who roamed the
>> campground.  Craig had the honor of naming him - Ozzie it is.  Oz for
>> short.  I am concerned about him as he is hoarse, has a funny nose,
>> tearing eyes and sneezes....upper resp issues at the very least I
>> suspect.  As soon as I closed them in my master bathroom (quarantine),
>> he spent over 1/2 hr scarfing down food and water.
>> Smaller black cat appears to have absolutely NO white on her.  Not on
>> chest, feet, tip of tail, nothing.  Never seen one pure black before.
>> She is a lover/lap cat.  First thing out of carrier she made one round
>> of bathroom and used the litter pan.  My kind of Kitty.
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