Thank goodness all are safe and sound! I housed all my rescues indoors for the 
storm (and the recent Nor'Easter!) and my house was literally turned into a 
kennel for the last couple of weeks. Full clean-up only happened yesterday as 
I'm working; What a freaking mess! Got a new mop that's working out very well; 
Home Depot sells it for $11.50 and they have refills. It's the Quickie Home 
Helper - rope with a scrungie on the bottom, and it wrings out with just a few 
twists better then I've ever seen a wringing mop work! Hubby thought I'd 
rewaxed all the floors after just once use. Now I'm airing the place out, we've 
finally got some good weather!

Amanda Vollaro
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  Hi Everyone.  I am happy to say that all the cats in the Farmingdale colony 
are okay from the storm.  We are inland and they are in farmland area so not 
many trees.  Their houses held up, thank goodness.  Thanks for the concern and 

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  -I am praying for all the east coast, especially the animals.  They have to 
rely on humans to do for them.  I think that I would gather them all up and 
head for high ground if I knew something like this was coming.  Have to have 
lots of have a haeart traps tho.

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