My guy who suffers from occasional rhinisitis (he's got the Herpes thing) 
benefits from Saline spray - you can get it in a children's dosing bottle 
"Little Noses", and use it twice a day (morning and night). It can be a project 
just to aim it right with a wiggling cat, but it works. Do this in the bathroom 
so that when they sneeze afterwards you can clean up well. Usually after the 
squirt they will sneeze once or twice, clearing all of the congestion in an 
instant! It helps with moisturizing their sinuses and gives them relief 

Amanda Vollaro
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  Hi Lorrie - I received your check in the mail.  Thank you, thank you so much 
and to everyone who helped out.  Tiger was taken to the vet.  He was given to 
my sis in law but her ceiling caved in with the storm and shingles blown off 
her roof so she gave him back to me temporarily.  He has a cold, (he is fev 
pos) and is having a hard time throwing it off.  I have a eucalyptus mister in 
my room that I run twice a day for him.  He is on anti b for the stomatitis 
which his mouth is much, much better.  he is gaining weight and i give him 
Lysine 500/day.  So Tiger is a success story, and I hope his cold clears up 
soon.  Goldie has not yet been captured.  He is still not well.  
  Any tips on the cold?  He is congested, but not in the eyes.  Only in the 
nose and sinuses.  
  It was thoughtful again Lorrie to receive your check.  The card was cute.  
The Farmingdale colony are doing okay and weathered the storm safely.  Thanks, 

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