My Annie had an eye infection but the terramycin cleared it up along with 
antibiotic (orbax).  I also have been giving her lysine since she is FELV+.  
Doesn't hurt to boost her immune system.  She has been off meds except Lysine 
now for 3 days and all is doing well.

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> Hello everyone,
> We are all very happy with our little Kitty in our lives, but for the last 
> three weeks she has had this eye residues in her eyes. We got an ointment 
> from our vet and used it for 10 days on both eyes and yesterday was the last 
> day. Her eyes were good and the residues in her eyes had lessen during that 
> time. 
> Today was her first day without any medication and the gook is back. I'm 
> calling the vet tomorrow morning but do anyone one of you have any experience 
>  with something like that?
> Thanks,
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