I've heard of this....... People who want to get rid of a cat because
the fur doesn't match the furniture.......... Geez.

I have my furniture covered in multicolored velour upholstery, and my rugs,
are all oriental design.  The design really hides the fur, and the soft
velvet upholstery is not what cats like to claw.  It works, and I have 
a bunch of cats of all sizes, shapes and colors including three long haired
cats who really leave a lot of fur around!  There are ways to live with 
multiple cats and still have a nice home, but too many people use fur as 
an excuse to dump their pets.  


> On 11-02, Lee Evans wrote:
>    This actually happened to me when I was answering our hotline for VOICE
>    For Animals.  A woman called asking if we could take an orange cat.  I
>    asked her why. What she said was that she had purchased a white sofa
>    and the cat was getting orange fur all over it.  She said she would be
>    willing to take a white cat in exchange.  She had had the orange cat
>    for 2 years, had come into some money recently and was buying new
>    living room furniture.  I finally talked her out of dumping her cat on
>    us by telling her about the sticky roller product for removing lint and
>    hair from things.  I also told her that she should purchase a
>    multicolored  sofa cover to keep the sofa covered for general use and
>    whisk off the cover when company arrives. She was delighted with the
>    ideas.  I should write a book on how to color coordinate your rooms
>    with your cats and dogs and how to color coordinate your daily work
>    outfits with a shedding pet.

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