Kittens Lorrie my heart goes out to you. I lost my Ginger kitty too a year ago. 
He also had feline leukemia. Just know you tried your best. This is a terrible 
disease! I hate it! Marinda 
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Yesterday was a sad day.... I had my beautiful, sweet calico kitten,
Maggie, euthanized.  She was only 9 months old. Her sister, Molly, was 
euthanized last month, and they are buried side by side in the woods next 
to our house. I took in this litter of 4 FelV kittens in July knowing 
they'd probably all die, and consequently break my heart, but I had room 
in my FelV sanctuary so I wanted to give them a chance, and they had 9 
happy months living in the upstairs of my large rescue building in town.

I watched them running thru their rooms, scooting thru the tunnels, 
climbing up the cat posts, and walking across the wall walks which were 
built just for them, and they were happy kittens. Their three rooms upstairs
were all made into a cat play ground and also had second hand furniture below 
the walk ways where I could sit and cuddle them or they could sleep. They had 
a good life, and longer than they'd have had if I hadn't taken them in from 
the person who was going to have them PTS because of the FelV virus. 

For 8 months they seemed to be in perfect health, and I actually believed 
they'd be fine, but then Molly, who was also a calico, got sick. Maggie
still seemed fine but a bit more quiet, but within a week or so she went
downhill fast. Two of the precious kittens from this litter are still 
with us, and so far they seem in good health, but for how long?  No doubt 
I'll be in tears again when this horrible virus over takes them.



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