On Saturday, February 2, 2013, Lee Evans wrote:

> There is so much nonsense, mythology and prejudice going around when it
> comes to diseases in general, whether cat, dog or human that it's a wonder
> any of us survive the ignorance rather than the disease. An acquaintance of
> mine was told by a licensed veterinarian that she needed to have her
> healthy FIV+ cat euthanized because humans can catch it from cats. Meow? My
> tenant, when I had a rent house, insisted that FIV was highly contagious
> but FeLv was NOT. Tail backwards. People to this day refuse to hug a person
> who is living with HIV but will shake hands with someone who has a horrid
> head cold and get all chummy with people who are coughing all over the air.
> Many veterinarians seem not to like cats to the point of finding reasons
> to put them to death. Others are simply too lazy to study new theories of
> medicine. In some cases, we have not traveled more than inches away from
> dancing around the bonfire to banish evil spirits as a cure for illness.
> Finally, we are now being treated to amazingly inflated statistics from
> almost comic studies that produced the startling news that cats kill rats
> and mice. Who would have thought!! Not just some rats and mice  but toss in
> moles, voles and gophers, not to mention those things with wings that
> mostly fly.  Stir with a hefty dose of sensationalism due to a slow news
> day, and you come up with BILLIONS of small mammals and birds being
> slaughtered and exterminated by feral cats. Please don't mention though
> that humans  have hunted dozens of species to extinction just to have a
> head to hang on the wall or a rug for the floor, or as a way to stop male
> sexual dysfunction, or to carve into little statues or furniture
> (elephants) or just as a lovely delicacy to eat at a way overpriced fancy
> restaurant. (shark fin soup and other disgusting dishes). Sometimes it
> seems like humans will kill everything from snails to whales for the most
> trivial or ridiculous reason. However, just let it be known that cats kill
> mice and rats for a living and you have panic in the streets. Ah well, time
> to get off my soap box and go to bed.
> Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty
> neighbors too!
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