Lorrie, I'm in tears for you and the kittens. You are such a wonderful, caring 
person. My Desi, a colony cat got sick several months ago. We didn't even know 
he was FeLv+. He was around 6 years old. No one in the colony was ever sick. 
Don't know what happened to Desi. His sister Lucy was killed by a car when she 
was very young but Desi grew to be a lovely, happy sleek black cat. Then my 
friend noticed that he was losing weight a few months ago, took him to a vet. 
He tested positive for leukemia and chronic anemia. Vet said he wouldn't last 
more than a couple of weeks. I took him in because I have a room reserved for 
emergency cases. He actually began to eat like a little porker and gained a bit 
of weight. I gave him vitamins with iron, formulated in a liquid for cats. He  
played a bit also and I thought there might have been hope. Just as I began to 
relax and enjoy having him as a "guest", his period of remittance ended, he 
lost his appetite and within
 a couple of days, simply faded away. The only positive thing was that he 
curled up in his box where he always felt safe and secure and went into a 
forever sleep. Hope he was having a wonderful dream when he passed. I love you 
and all those who rescue these deserving cats. There is so much prejudice 
against cats in general that it's close to a miracle to find people who care as 
much as  you and other FeLv+ and FIV+ cat rescuers. Feel joy that you gave so 
much pleasure to these two kittens. Life is not about quantity, it's about 
quality. Hugs.

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>Yesterday was a sad day.... I had my beautiful, sweet calico kitten,
>Maggie, euthanized.  She was only 9 months old. Her sister, Molly, was 
>euthanized last month, and they are buried side by side in the woods next 
>to our house. I took in this litter of 4 FelV kittens in July knowing 
>they'd probably all die, and consequently break my heart, but I had room 
>in my FelV sanctuary so I wanted to give them a chance, and they had 9 
>happy months living in the upstairs of my large rescue building in town.
>I watched them running thru their rooms, scooting thru the tunnels, 
>climbing up the cat posts, and walking across the wall walks which were 
>built just for them, and they were happy kittens. Their three rooms upstairs
>were all made into a cat play ground and also had second hand furniture below 
>the walk ways where I could sit and cuddle them or they could sleep. They had 
>a good life, and longer than they'd have had if I hadn't taken them in from 
>the person who was going to have them PTS because of the FelV virus. 
>For 8 months they seemed to be in perfect health, and I actually believed 
>they'd be fine, but then Molly, who was also a calico, got sick. Maggie
>still seemed fine but a bit more quiet, but within a week or so she went
>downhill fast. Two of the precious kittens from this litter are still 
>with us, and so far they seem in good health, but for how long?  No doubt 
>I'll be in tears again when this horrible virus over takes them.
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