RE:  your last paragraph   We need to exist only on synthetic food produced by 
chemicals and Monsanto and their friends.

---- Lee Evans <> wrote: 
> I noticed something about humans that is unique to our species. We seem to 
> have an endless ability to purposely misunderstand what is being said or 
> proposed.  And we put absolute faith in "studies". As the secretary of an 
> animal rights organization, a genuine 501 c-3, I have been asked why I was 
> advocating that animals be given the same benefits as humans and wouldn't 
> that be terribly expensive. Duh? I think these people were mostly worried 
> about their own right to eat cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, turkeys, and other 
> edible beings. But I even hear, on occasion that animal rights advocates want 
> there to be some form of education for animals and that if we have our way, 
> there would eventually be no more animals on Earth because we are against 
> ;breeding dogs and cats, etc.. Really!  And when I happened to mention animal 
> welfare, I got the response that there are enough lazy people on welfare, we 
> don't need to put animals on welfare in addition. Welcome to
>  the Twilight Zoned Out.

OK. I feel it necessary to clear up all these misconceptions  with a name 
change. From now on I will tell people I am an Animal Advocate. That means that 
I speak up for animals. Right? Except in UK where it would mean that an animal 
can hire me as a lawyer. 

I also seem to have read somewhere that rats, mice, voles, etc. reproduce, much 
as any other mammal does. A study shows that if the entire New York Sewer 
system was emptied of rats and mice and a few alligators, if a male and female 
rat and a male and female mouse were to be placed there on January 1, in just 
under a year, the entire New York Sewer system would have the same number of 
rodents as it had before. This study is based on absolutely no verifiable 
research, and is simply a product of an over-active imagination. As is the 
study that cats kill BILLIONS of small mammals and birds each year.

I need a cup of coffee. Uh, no. Last study I read, coffee was not good for the 
health. But that was refuted  by the former study that it is good for the 
health and can prevent senility. However, I can't have a sandwich any more 
because whole wheat or any wheat, oats, bananas, orange juice, and most food is 
a health hazard, except for animal based food I guess because I haven't seen 
any studies recently to prove that animal protein is harmful and the myth of 
clogged arteries from animal fat has been debunked, rebunked and debunked 
again. I'm down to eating floor dust.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>I couldnt agree more, thank you for this email, I will never stop talking 
>about animal rights to people,
>take care
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>On Feb 2, 2013, at 5:41 AM, Lee Evans <> wrote:
>There is so much nonsense, mythology and prejudice going around when it 
comes to diseases in general, whether cat, dog or human that it's a 
wonder any of us survive the ignorance rather than the disease. An 
acquaintance of mine was told by a licensed veterinarian that she needed to 
have her healthy FIV+ cat euthanized because humans can catch it 
from cats. Meow? My tenant, when I had a rent house, insisted that FIV 
was highly contagious but FeLv was NOT. Tail backwards. People to this 
day refuse to hug a person who is living with HIV but will shake hands 
with someone who has a horrid head cold and get all chummy with people 
who are coughing all over the air.
>>Many veterinarians seem not to
 like cats to the point of finding reasons to put them to death. Others 
are simply too lazy to study new theories of medicine. In some cases, we
 have not traveled more than inches away from dancing around the bonfire
 to banish evil spirits as a cure for illness.
>>Finally, we are 
now being treated to amazingly inflated statistics from almost comic 
studies that produced the startling news that cats kill rats and mice. 
Who would have thought!! Not just some rats and mice  but toss in moles,
 voles and gophers, not to mention those things with wings that mostly 
fly.  Stir with a hefty dose of sensationalism due to a slow news day, 
and you come up with BILLIONS of small mammals and birds being 
slaughtered and exterminated by feral cats. Please don't mention though 
that humans  have hunted dozens of species to extinction just to have a 
head to hang on the wall or a rug for the floor, or as a way to stop 
male sexual dysfunction, or to carve into little statues or furniture 
(elephants) or just as a lovely delicacy to eat at a way overpriced 
fancy restaurant. (shark fin soup and other
 disgusting dishes). Sometimes it seems like humans will kill everything
 from snails to whales for the most trivial or ridiculous reason. 
However, just let it be known that cats kill mice and rats for a living 
and you have panic in the streets. Ah well, time to get off my soap box 
and go to bed.
>>Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty 
>>neighbors too!
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