Where do you live? I'm in South Texas, have had a double positive boy. Kept him 
for three months. He turned negative for FeLv, now in my FIV+ enclosure.

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>I can't put him in with the other cats. I wouldn't do it with my own 
>cats, one of whom is FIV+ and thus especially vulnerable to contracting 
>FeLV, because the vaccination is not 100% effective and having seen the 
>ravages of FeLV I would never risk that. But it's not up to me in our 
>foster homes, anyway. I can't make other people put FeLV+ cats with 
>their own negative cats, and we can't expose cats we are saying tested 
>negative to FeLV and then adopt them out when they may be incubating 
>it. Plus we cannot afford to give our foster cats 2 FeLV shots on top 
>of everything else we do; it would add another $40/cat in vet costs 
>even with the discount we get.
>thanks, though,
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