Have you ever had any of your cats with Feline Leukemia get scabs on them.  
One of mine had just a few around his neck for quite some time (even before we 
got feline leukemia tests results), and now he has got more on his body.  Then 
either in rough housing or scratching himself, he pulled the scab off of two 
and they bled pretty bad.  So I took him to the vet, cause I did not want to 
risk any infections with those open sores.  She did not offer any diagnosis of 
the scabs---says lots of things could cause.  But she gave him an injection of 
polyflex  and gave me some medication (Clindamycin Drops) to give him 1 ml a 
day for 7-14 days.  Now I am noticing these same scabs on the others as I pet 
them---but no bleeding with them so I have not taken them to the vet for any 
treatment yet.  Everyone seems fine---eating, drinking, playing and using 
litter box.  But the scabs have me a little concerned.  With their feline 
leukemia, I don't want
 to let something get out of control if it could be serious.  They do not have 
fleas---that is something both the vet and I checked for, and they have been 
treated for flea protection.  Thank you, Karen 
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