Throwing up and not eating may be from hairballs, especially if it's the bubbly 
phlem type of throw up. Try to think simple. If a cat who was negative for 
everything had this situation happen, you probably would think simple situation 
first. Try a hairball remedy like Petromalt or Laxitone before rushing out and 
spending hundreds of dollars. One of my foster cats, real fat girl, suddenly 
stopped eating, was dragging her hind quarters. Thought it might have been 
paralysis, all sorts of nightmarish things but then decided maybe she was 
constipated. Yup! After several hefty doses of Petromalt, she plopped a big 
one, threw up a giant hairball mess and started eating like a fat girl 
again.I'm not saying that you shouldn't take him to the vet but try the simple 
stuff first. Then if in a day it doesn't work, take to vet but don't diagnose 
him yourself and assume it's because he's FeLv+.

Spay and Neuter your cats and dogs and your weird relatives and nasty neighbors 

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>Subject: [Felvtalk] Fw: prayers
>Okay, now my request for prayers has turned to a plea for help!  See below 
>what is going on with Cole tonight.  Now he is throwing up white bubbly phlem 
>besides refusing to eat.  I am getting so worried about him.  How can he go 
>from playing, happy, eating, etc; to not eating anything and throwing up so 
>quickly!  I don't know who to turn to, what to do, or which vet to go to (Dr 
>Dill--our caring 50year experienced vet that tends to do things the more old 
>fashioned way, Allgood Vet in Burlington that we just started seeing sometimes 
>for blood tests so I am not sure how experienced they are with feline leukemia 
>or take him to the 24 hour 7 day a week emergency in Iowa City that wasn't 
>able to help Tig, although he may have been to far along for any help, but 
>they are very expensive and I am not sure how much more vet bills I can 
>afford) ; and I am so scared for Cole.  I have already lost Tig and so 
>quickly----I just can't loose Cole now too so
 soon.  I hope to be more proactive with Cole and nip this in the bud before it 
takes over and the leukemia kicks in full force---I so want to give him a few 
more happy years that he so deserves.  Anyone have any ideas?  I am so not good 
at this and need help.  I worry that I should have been doing more already, but 
they all seemed to be doing pretty good so I hated to be pumping a bunch of 
medicine into them before they needed it---but guess this is where I failed.  
When Ash got some scabs scratched off and was bleeding, I took him to the vet 
for medicine so he would not get infection.  But if they were doing good I 
thought all I needed to do was make sure they got a good balanced diet and 
love.  Many of you talk of inferion, but that sure didn't seem to help Tig at 
all---it actually seem to make him worse faster, so I guess I am afraid of 
that.  But I am so very worried about Cole and would really appreciate hearing 
your suggestions  My email
 is for those of you that don't have it.  Thanks, 
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>Subject: prayers
>Just need some prayers tonight for Cole.  He tested positive along with his 
>brothers for feline leukemia about 3 months ago.  The have all been doing 
>pretty good, eating well, playing, happy and loving, etc.  But then two of his 
>brothers started having problems with scab like bumps and the vet doesn't seem 
>to know what it is.  Now Cole refused to eat his supper tonight and I am so 
>worried for him and his brothers.  They are due for their second test in about 
>a week.  They were doing so good I was hoping that they would test negative 
>and was able to fight their exposure.  But now with this I am so afraid for 
>them.  And not eating is the worst, cause I am so afraid he won't start eating 
>again.  Please say a prayer for him that it is just a little normal stomach 
>upset and tomorrow he will clean his plate at breakfast.  
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