Hi Kasia,


                   My cats two "actives" are on Interferon Alfa, DMG and Lysine. My cats in general have their own well stocked medicine cabinet, but it isn't all used for the FeLV cats. I have used Lactated Ringers, lines and needles to give fluids, injectible and oral B-12 and B Complex, cyproheptadine (appetite stimulant), and famciclovir (for herpes).


                   Could you clarify when you say "antibiotics (in case I see scratches) to prevent infection" please? Do you mean topical? Or systemic? Antibiotics are generally used to treat infection, not prevent it, so I'm a little unclear. I have several topical and opthalmic antibiotic drops and ointments, and I keep certain oral/injectible antibiotics on hand, but I deal with a LOT of cats, and have some experience (and a great Vet) to guide me in using them. It's hard decide what to stock ahead of time, and expensive to keep everything on hand, and most of it will likely go to waste. Maybe your Vet would supply you with enough of something like Clavamox to get you through a weekend when they might be closed, if you asked?


                    I'll see what else I can think of that might help,





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Hi All,

So I am getting myself ready for the emergency situations, since the most important thing with felv cats is not to let them get sick. I am wondering what exactly do  I need? So far I've got on my list: scale to monitor their weight, thermometer, antibiotics  (in case i see any scratches) to prevent infections. I definitely need something good for immune system. I also talked with the vet and we decided to put them on interferon alpha...may help. Please, members with felv experience, let me know what else could be helpful.

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