I have used alpha interferon for her in the past, my vet had prescribed it
for another FIV kitty I had (remember, Saki Tofu has both). According to the
vet, he has seen the interferon provide some benefit with FIV but not much
with FeLV. But for the most part, she is not on anything regularly. The last
time she had one of her overheating episodes, my normal vet was unable to
see her so I took her to a vet our rescue uses.he told me if she had tested
positive for FeLV in 2008 she should be dead by now, and was going to call
my old vet to check the result. I explained that she was tested before I got
her, and that she also had a positive IFA. She seems to have a persistent
enlarged lymph node, and a slightly enlarged liver which is not causing any
problems for her - she is WAY more active than I bargained for, lol! So it's
nothing I'm doing, it is ALL her!

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