What a sweet story, Amanda. I can tell you loved her very much.


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It brings a smile to my face thinking of Polli disease-free.  FeLV robbed her 
of so much and every day she was ill, I just wanted to make her better so she 
could enjoy the things she once loved.  I can only hope that somewhere, she's 
fetching toy mice again and singing for treats. Thank you for your sweet words 
and blessings.  We appreciate it during these difficult times.


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Amanda, your heart-felt words bring tears to my eyes.  A sweet tribute to a 
deserving being.  Blessings to you and your wonderful man during this difficult 
time.  And Polli…we know she now can be pain and disease free in the land of 
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>It was just another hot August morning when our upstairs neighbors frantically 
>called my boyfriend.  He went out to see what was wrong and came back, 
>worried.  He told me I needed to come check something out.  Concerned, I went 
>into the foyer and frantically running around and mewing was a tiny gray and 
>white kitten with huge white paws. 
>That was the morning we first met Polli.  She was dirty, blanketed with fleas 
>and had a terrible URI that had glued her little eyes shut.  Our neighbors 
>couldn’t keep her due to a cat-aggressive dog and my boyfriend wasn’t a pet 
>person who was absolutely against us having another cat.  However, we live in 
>a city with high kill shelters and there was no way this little cat would make 
>it out alive.  Without a second thought, I rushed her into our home and called 
>the local vet.  I promised my guy that once she recovered, I would find a new 
>home for her.  Who knew that within those two weeks it took for her to become 
>healthy and strong that she would have also stolen our hearts, officially 
>making my boyfriend a “cat person.”  Or as he would say, “a Polli person.”
>Since August of 2012, we have been the lucky guardians of this sweet girl. 
>Polli, named for her polydactyl paws and the gray dot on her pink nose that 
>reminded us of the dot on a lower-case ‘i’, was like no other cat I have 
>known.  As a friend once said, she has the sweetest soul of any creature he 
>has ever met.  She rushed to greet whomever came to our home, spent countless 
>hours sprawled out across my boyfriend’s chest and would wake me at 6:30 every 
>morning by sweetly meeping at our bedroom door, waiting to come in to lay in 
>my arms and chew on my hair before falling back asleep.
>Since her diagnosis in March, the little cat we love slowly faded. Even though 
>the vet gave her just two weeks, she fought on for close to four months, 
>earning her the nickname, “Tiny Brawler”.  During those months, we let our 
>hearts spill forth and gave her so much love and affection. Windows were left 
>open for her to rest in, plates full of treats and wet food were always 
>present and not a day went by that we didn’t kiss her little head and tell her 
>what a wonderful cat she was. Her strong will to live and give love was no 
>match for the terrible ways FeLV ravaged her body.  We wanted her to leave 
>this earth knowing love and comfort and assisted her passing this afternoon.  
>Her spirit left this earth as her body laid in one of her favorite spots in 
>our kitchen with both my guy and I petting and kissing her.
>Her life, though short, was filled with love, a full belly and warm home that 
>will feel empty without her.  To my sweet Polli, may your spirit soar high 
>with birds and find its place at the Rainbow Bridge. You will be forever 
>missed and loved by so many people, especially Austin and I.
>"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge" Bertrand Russell 
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"There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge" Bertrand Russell 
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