Kathrine,  I am by no means an authority on feline leukemia, because the group 
I have now is the first group I have had testing positive.  I am here to 
continue to learn also. But my suggestion would be to be extremely aggressive 
in treatment---any sniffle sneeze runny eyes or anything, get them to the vet 
for treatment, feed them the best food you can afford and feed them more often, 
keep them inside in controlled temperatures, and give them all the time and 
love you can find time for (you have to really get to know these little kittens 
so you notice anything wrong immediately).  I did that and we got a little 
lucky.  One of the kittens was too far along with sicknesses and I had zero 
knowledge so unfortunately we lost him.  But the other 4 (3 of his brothers and 
1 senior cat) tested negative on their second test and have been growing, 
eating better, and seem to be more healthy now.  We are crossing our 
fingers/paws/toes,/etc and
 praying that the third test in about a week will be negative also and mean 
they were able to fight this horrible illness off (and the first test showed 
only a false positive or exposure, not infection with).  I will pray you get 
lucky too, since they have not been sick and mom tested positive that is a plus 
for them (but being so young makes for a weaker system to fight, so....).  
Please keep me posted.  Hopefully it will work for them too and then they have 
a better chance of finding a home.  Karen
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