If he has an appetite and is doing normal things, like annoying you at the 
refrigerator, it may very well not be FIP. Do you have money to do an 
ultrasound scan? In Texas it costs anwhere from $200 to $300 but if you have a 
caring and compassionate vet, he may only charge $175. I have had a lot of 
success with diagnosing serious mystery illnesses with ultrasound. It's 
non-invasive. It will show abnormalities that x-ray sometimes misses. If 
Charles is not a very nervous cat when handled by vets and technicians he may 
be a good candidate for ultrasound. None of my cats had to be sedated for the 
procedure, just had their bellies shaved.  The nice thing is that you can be 
with him since it's not radioactive or harmful to humans. I stayed with my cat 
Bo Jangles when he had his ultrasound. Unfortunately, he was in the last stages 
of FIP but they also saw many small tumors in his organs. But at least the 
ultrasound was not scary to him. If you go this route be
 sure you get a veterinary physician who specializes in ultrasound and can read 
the results.

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> Hi everyone,
>Thanks so much for all your thoughts! Charles is slowly improving, his 
>breathing is a lot better, he is still "slow" walking and moving around, I 
>would say that is 
>expected. We will do more x-rays when the fluid is hopefully gone to see more, 
>and blood work.   Does anyone have any idea how long the fluid should take to 
>get out? I
>guess it would depend on how much fluid there is?  It is hard to see him so 
>slow and grouchy! But on a positive note, when I was making his food to hide 
>his pill in, he was rubbing on me, he was also trying to get in the 
>refrigerator! Ha! Thanks again everyone so much!
>Marci, Allyn & Charles
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