Pale gums can indicate anemia, if gums are white they are usually near
death.  I'd get the kitty's PCV (packed cell volume) checked asap.  FELV+
cats are particularly prone to anemia, I don't have any FELV+ cats and
think sometimes it is non-regenerative but some here might have some advice.

Not to scare you, but anemia is something that needs to be addressed

On Tue, Oct 29, 2013 at 10:16 AM, Katherine K. <> wrote:

> Just saw Avaykn's email as I was writing this. I have the opposite problem
> - pale gums.
> One of my positive kittens Terence has started looking/feeling a little
> skinny and his usually short sleek fur has a more raggedy look to it. I
> checked his gums this morning and they were pale compared to his 3 siblings
> (who are also positive). He is 6 months old. They are on lysine and getting
> wet and dry food.
> I'm going to try adding fortiflora and get some lixotinic from the vet.
> Appetite seems normal, he's still active/playful but perhaps less so than
> usual.
> Katherine
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