It could be the beginnings of Stomatitis. It's pretty common in the FeLV kits. 
I've had a couple with it. Nasty stuff.  Try the L-lysine. I used that with 
something else once & it worked great, but I can't for the life of me remember 
what it was.


Avaykn <> wrote:

>Hello everyone, 
>Kitty, our 16 months old FeLV positive cat is showing a little redness on her 
>gums on her bottom left incisors. I have rubbed a little liquid vitamin E and 
>she has received a dosage of Calcarea carbonica, I'm working with a holistic 
>vet, but I was wondering what if any steps have any of you taken when faced 
>with this situation.
>Mally and Kitty
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