Hi guys,

I am pretty familiar with FeLV but heard something that is alarming and am 
hoping there is someone that can give feedback on this. 

Our rescue took in a nursing mother cat and her two kittens and a 5 month old 
kitten, unrelated, at the same time. These cats were in the same quarantine 
room but in separate holding pens (having no direct contact with each other). 
The 5 month kitten tested strong positive for FeLV and does have very large 
nodes. She also had a bad case of fleas. 

I read that FeLV can be transmitted through fleas - has anyone done research, 
or spoken with a well qualified veterinarian about this?

The mother cat and her kittens have not shown any evidence of fleas or fleas 
dirt but I am still concerned about this potential for transmission, especially 
since they are newborns.

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