Hi Tina,

In addition to checking for asthma, you should make sure that Darwin doesn't 
have a heart problem.
I guess vet should really do a more thorough work up or try a diff. vet?
If she said it was pleural effusion, shouldn't she being doing a further 
Chest x-rays?  at least do his heart and lungs sound OK?
If coughing from heart problem, you would want to get that addressed pretty 
Steroids should not be used in cats with heart problems, so vet would need to 
rule that out.
Does he seem to be breathing normally, without effort, watching his sides at 

Maybe the foreign object idea should be looked into more, hairball, etc.
Also, I guess FIP since it causes fluid and maybe coughing? 

Litter-  I guess I'm in the minority, I like Swheatscoop and the Blue Buffalo 
Walnut litter.
I used the walnut litter before blue buffalo bought that company, and I find 
now that it doesn't 
clump very well, so I tried their multi-cat formula and it works a lot better, 
still same simple ground 
walnuts, but the grind is diff. and it clumps better.
I found the Worlds Best cat litter (corn) to be terribly dusty, worse than 
anything else.
I can't stand the strong smell of the pine.
No lid on box would be best, so he isn't standing in a contained cloud of dust.

I had a previous cat that began coughing all of a sudden, and it turned out 
that he had a lot of 
fluid in his chest that the vet gave him lasix for.  She thought FIP which 
thank goodness if wasn't,
so we never found out what caused the fluid.  I guessed that it might have been 
related to a dose of 
ivermectin he received for ear mites, because this happened a few weeks 
afterwards.  I wondered 
if he had a heart worm that was killed by the ivermectin, and that it broke 
apart and caused the fluid....??
Anyway, that was a long time ago, was a mystery, and he lived many more years...

Hope it is something easy to fix and that he feels better soon,

Shelley Theye

On Nov 10, 2013, at 1:25 PM, Michelle B wrote:

> Did vet do xrays to check for asthma? My cat did the same thing and it was 
> seasonal asthma and he got better with an oral tapering dose of prednisolone. 
> NEVER do depo medrol injections for asthma or allergies please...do your own 
> research on the side effects of depomedr ol in case that comes up. Also, its 
> not a good idea to give antibiotics to 'blanket', especially in immune 
> compromised cats. It doesnt sound like your cat has a bacterial URI and if 
> it's viral the antibiotics wont help. A lot of vets throw antibiotics at cats 
> when they don't know what else to do and that has its own plethora of issues. 
> I know you can't do anything about it now but for future reference. I had to 
> learn the hard way to question my vet and do my own homework. I also opt for 
> homeo/allopathic treatments as much as possible and I notice a huge 
> difference with my animals.
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> Hi all,
> I have an FeLV+ kitty.  He has been mostly healthy but is currently going 
> through something that is causing a lot of coughing.  We have noticed that he 
> seems sensitive to the drier air of winter and perhaps has some environmental 
> allergies.  In addition to other things we are doing I am trying to find a 
> dust-free cat litter for him.  Last night I spent a small fortune on 
> SWheatScoop litter and was appalled to see all of the dust that went flying 
> when we put it in his litter pan.  So much for dust-free.  Has anyone here 
> had luck finding a litter that is good to use for our FeLV+ sweeties?
> I'll also tell you a little more about what he's going through in case 
> anybody has some insight into what might be causing it.  The vet wasn't 
> helpful.  Just gave him a Convenia antibiotic injection but couldn't say what 
> the problem might be except possibly pleural effusion.  Darwin is coughing a 
> lot - a little like the "hairball cough" but not exactly.  He seems to be 
> breathing mostly okay through his nose, although I have noticed occasionally 
> that there does seem to be a little congestion.  There has been no open-mouth 
> breathing.  He had a bout of diarrhea for a couple of days this past week but 
> seemed to get over that.  Now I think he might actually be constipated.  When 
> he coughs nothing comes out but he does swallow as if he has coughed a little 
> something up and then swallows it. I have almost wondered if he might have an 
> obstruction but it does seem to be affecting his breathing some.  I haven't 
> been able to pinpoint any triggers.  He has coughed after drinking water, he 
> has 
 coughed when the heat was on, he has coughed right after using the litter box. 
 But he has also coughed when he's just resting on the bed and nothing is going 
> Any insight would be so welcome.
> Thank you,
> Tina Smith
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