The rescue that I got him from had given him the name Sylvester, but he just did not fit that cartoon character. I made a list which included Lucky (he was cat #13!), Zorro, and some others, but settled on Harley, because he is black like biker's leathers, and he ZOOMS like a Harley Davidson.


On 8/15/2014 6:23 PM, wrote:
What is it about the name Harley.  Yours sounds like mine, a risk taker who 
leaps so high he hits the ceiling in pursuit of a moth.  We have bats near us, 
but they have a large cave on a neighbors property where they winter over.  It 
is protected from  people so they are not disturbed.  Harley mostly catches 
mice, moles and voles, snakes and rarely a rabbit.  We have had only 1 bat, it 
tried to climb into the garage door opener and was electrocuted so now I keep 
the garage closed to keep them from being harmed.  Also, to keep the birds out 
so they don't get trapped outside with their nest and babies inside with no 
food from Mom.

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