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I would try Calo Pet It’s a paste. 

Or Hills Prescription diet  A/D





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We rescued a kitten on New Year's Eve. She was about 3 months old at the time, 
so she is now just over a year old. She tested FeLV positive and has been quite 
well until 2 months ago. She had terrible diarreah and was very lethargic.( In 
previous months she was so active and playful and naughty that her nickname was 

The vet said that she had lymphoma in her intestines and the glands would 
eventually cut them off. She was given antibiotics and anti inflammatories and 
there was some improvement for a while. Then we had to take her back for more 


She has deteriorated significantly in the last 2 weeks. Her hears are floppy, 
she's gradually stopped eating - we've been trying to tempt her with everything 
we can think of. She still purrs and paws, is able to climb the stairs and get 
on the bed, but has stopped playing. Her tummy is very plump - but we believe 
that this is the glands growing bigger.


Her quality of life at this point is such that we don't believe it is time, but 
we want to get her eating. Is there anything we can offer her that has been 
found to be successful?





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