Hi Elisabeth,
I'm so sorry to hear your baby is not feeling well. In general, I have
syringe-fed both Hills AD and blended chicken livers to sick cats who stop
eating. If you need assistance syringe-feeding, search YouTube for a
tutorial or there is a feline assisted feeding group on Yahoo.

My last FeLV kitten, Peanut, died from enlarged lymphoma glands around his
lungs and stomach, seen via x-ray. For the next week or so he would not eat
much and whatever he ate came right back up a few minutes later. I tried
many foods - the liquidy consistency of blended livers was all he could
keep down but he would not eat enough of it to give him much energy. He
still was friendly and sweet but his energy level went way down. His
breathing became labored and shallow for the last couple of days. We waited
too long, in my opinion, and I am afraid he suffered on his last day. We
got home from work and he was just languishing. A couple of hours later, he
was gasping for breath and retching repeatedly, likely trying to clear the
swollen nodes (tumors) from his air passage and get enough air. We had to
take him to the emergency vet that night to be euthanized.

He had always been very energetic up until the last two weeks. He was 1
year old.

There is an herbal tonic that is supposed to help decrease the tumors,
DLGEGG on this list will have more info if you want it. I did not get a
chance to try it.

Enjoy the time you spend with her. Thank you for giving her a life full of
love <3

On Oct 18, 2014 4:09 AM, "Elisabeth Eastley" <eeast...@gmail.com> wrote:

> We rescued a kitten on New Year's Eve. She was about 3 months old at the
> time, so she is now just over a year old. She tested FeLV positive and has
> been quite well until 2 months ago. She had terrible diarreah and was very
> lethargic.( In previous months she was so active and playful and naughty
> that her nickname was Troublemaker.
> The vet said that she had lymphoma in her intestines and the glands would
> eventually cut them off. She was given antibiotics and anti inflammatories
> and there was some improvement for a while. Then we had to take her back
> for more medication.
> She has deteriorated significantly in the last 2 weeks. Her hears are
> floppy, she's gradually stopped eating - we've been trying to tempt her
> with everything we can think of. She still purrs and paws, is able to climb
> the stairs and get on the bed, but has stopped playing. Her tummy is very
> plump - but we believe that this is the glands growing bigger.
> Her quality of life at this point is such that we don't believe it is
> time, but we want to get her eating. Is there anything we can offer her
> that has been found to be successful?
> Regards
> Elisabeth
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