My vet recommended the lysine too.  I just open my guy's mouth and pump it
in.  Then he licks it up and cleans himself up.  It's palatable for them,
so I just give it to him without him agreeing. Mine is not maple flavoured,
not sure what flavour it is to be honest.

My understanding of lysine is that it competes for receptor binding with
herpes virus on the outside of cells, thus leading to less virus getting in
to the cells.  My guy does have recurring feline herpes during season
changes, and this year we had to put him on antibiotics to help him through
it (poor little guy).  No research I've seen shows it helps for FeLeuk, but
I am of the camp that if it doesn't hurt, might as well try it out.

On Wed, Nov 5, 2014 at 7:34 PM, Marsha <> wrote:

> I offered my 2 FeLV+ boys some maple-flavored Viralys gel, and neither
> would even taste it.  Though the maple aroma smelled good, it was pretty
> strong to my human nose, so maybe it was overwhelming to their senses.
> Viralys contains lysine, which helps boost the immune system, and I've
> heard is especially useful for cats that have contracted feline herpes
> virus.  Neither of mine have that, but I figured I'd get it anyway, just
> for the immune boost.
> Marsha
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