Harley & Brock have the run of an 850 sq. ft. garage/workshop that is attached to the house, but it is not insulated, therefore not heated, plus due to its size, heating would be difficult. I don't use it as a garage or workshop due to getting FeLV+ Milkdud 5 years ago. Some construction materials are stored there, otherwise I just keep adding things for the cats. There is a picnic table, a ladder and shelves to climb on, a Dogloo and a wooden dog house with heated pads and fluffy blankets, a couple of donut beds, rugs, toys, a deluxe cot with a comforter and a children's sleeping bag (Harley's favorite), and a lounge chair with a big sleeping bag. But I worried about Harley dealing with the cold when he came home to recover, so I set up an ice fishing shelter in the middle of the garage and put an infrared heater in it (cube kind that can't tip). I moved the cot & lounge chair in it, got a battery operated light/fan to hang from the ceiling, and put one litterbox in it so they can potty in comfort, and their water and kibble is in there too. Plus lots of toys. They love it, and I have been having fun "camping out" in there with them. I am looking for a portable TV to put in there too! I bought a bunch of new toys for them, and tonight I found that one of them (probably Harley) had brought an old toy inside the tent that had been left in a donut bed. I zipper the door shut, but leave just enough unzipped so they can go in and out as they please.

In the main house, there are 12 cats that are FeLV negative. There is mostly an open floor plan, leaving no place in the house to keep the FeLV+ boys. The bedroom is reserved for 2 girls that don't always get along with others (one is very timid, the other will bully smaller girls except for her roommate). The bedroom door stays unlatched so the girls can come and go. I only latch it if Peaches goes into bully mode while out and about. Then I put her back in the room for a while and latch the door. One other cat has her own "fort" in the great room with a door in it that is too small for her nemesis to get through. The fort has 2 levels, 2 beds & a crate with a towel, food & water, 1 litterbox. Anaya has figured out when her nemesis Tressa sleeps, and comes out of her fort to explore then.

None of the cats are allowed outside due to coyotes and other wildlife, plus it would be so expensive to put Frontline Plus on all of them. I used to allow Binky to go outside under supervision, but since Gabby died last year, Binky hasn't had much interest in going outside.


On 12/30/2014 1:02 AM, dlg...@windstream.net wrote:
My Annie (+) occassionaly sneezes, but I have put it down to dust, especially 
because he sneezes when the furnace kicks on.  Usually 2 or 3 times and then no 
You say heated area is 9' x 9', is he not allowed the run of the house?  Annie 
usually starts from the east end and slides into the west end.  In fact, they 
all love that or they leap to the back of a chair, rocking it back and forth.  
my Harley has been frustated because I won't let him out in ran, snow.  When I 
do let him out, he turns around or doesn't go out at all because he realizes it 
is WET out there.  When this happens, he starts pouncing on the others and 
slinks away to bed because they do not want to play.

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