To Marsha,
I'm so sorry that you lost Brock. It just happens to be the same day I lost
my Tigger... April 29th. What an awful day. I miss him so much, as I am sure
you miss Brock along with the other two before him. I now have a little girl
- Topaz and she is negative and vaccinated. I hate FeLV and hope they can
cure it someday.

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I lost my final FeLV+ boy on April 29 of this year.   Milkdud was my 
first FeLV+ cat, who arrived in the fall of 2009.  Harley came a year later.
Then Brock became Harley's companion after Milkdud died.  Brock wasn't
lonely after Harley died last year, as Harley had been after Milkdud passed,
so I didn't look for a companion for Brock.  Cancer took all 3, though
Harley had a life-threatening URI 2 months before he got cancer, and Brock
had a heart condition that usually claims feline lives within 3 months, yet
he happily survived a year with it.

Missing my sweet, sweet boys,


On 9/14/2016 6:17 PM, Lorrie wrote:
> I've not had any mail from the group in about a month.
> I hope this means you and your kitties are all doing well.
> However I wonder if I've been dumped by the automatic system that 
> claims I have bounced mail, which I do NOT.
> Lorrie

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