I would try another for the maniac to get rid of some of his energy.  Are you 
sure his name is not Harley?  Harley "attacks" everyone else in the house, 
especially Homey (8 yrs) and Annie (flev and 8yrs)  He knows what pushes their 
buttons and then gets a Cheshire cat grin that says "I knew I could do it".  
His sister gives him what for and then he leaves her alone.  Dee  can hold her 
own with him so when he "attacks" she lets him know she is ticked off .  Annie 
and Homey run for a safe hiding place.    What if you got a negative cat, maybe 
would have more energy.  My pride is mixed, Annie is positive and the rest are 
negative and it does not seem to be contagious at least here.
Hope this helps.

---- ROBERT CHAPEL <bcha...@optonline.net> wrote: 
> Wondering.... particularly all you folks who have multiple cats at 
home.....   I have one reasonably healthy FeLV guy weighing in at 10 lbs 
and the other guy is a bit of a twerp at 6.2lbs as well as not having a 
lot of energy due his pain and poor vision......   the healthier guy is 
a maniac and just wants to have fun...which involved periodically 
throughout the day trying to get my other guy to play by attacking 
him..... Yogi.. can't see well and only is able to avoid him by getting 
away after he is "jumped"....  Aside from my worry about Yogi's eye 
getting further injured  I am feeling badly for my other guy who I had 
gotten the second cat specifically SO he would have a play buddy......   
They had SO much fun when Yogi was well but now the other guy doesn't( 
obviously) understand that Yogi can't really play......  Jelly ( the big 
guy) is often bored and now getting into everything to burn off 
energy.....   I play with him a LOT but he's just a very energetic 
cat.......  I've been thinking of taking in a third shelter cat with 
FeLV that I know is pretty healthy at this time
( though for fiscal reasons I would foster this time) and has been since 
she was a Kitten in the hopes that ( given she is the same size as 
Jelly) they might be a play match and leave Yogi alone.....  I've never 
had three young cats in the house at the same time and wondering if any 
of you have an opinion as to the likelihood of the Healthier ones Play 
bonding and leaving the sicker one in peace OR will they gang up on the 
weaker guy......   The little guy is due to go to a Veterinary 
Opthalmologist tomorrow for a determination as to if his eye can be 
saved since his weakened condition puts him at high risk for the 
surgery....  I want to give him every chance to survive ( comfortably) 
and decided that ( despite my desire to avoid specialist charges) I 
stand the best chance of getting a good opinion from a vet that really 
knows eyes ( most don't appear to beyond the usually seen stuff....often 
including Corneal Ulcers...BUT...my guy now has some kind of growth 
forming on the cornea at it's intersection with the Sclera... that looks 
almost like a large pimple and it's getting larger....   thoughts 


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> I?m so sorry Liz! I could tell how much you loved Hodor.
> Ardy
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> We lost Hodor yesterday. It was extremely hard. He stopped eating and 
> drinking. The vet had a hard time finding a vein for the catheter 
> because of his anemia. It was so sad. Thank you all for your kind 
> words and support. I wish that the vets could have done more to help 
> him. FeLV sucks.
> Elizabeth McCarty, ASW #36438
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