But if you're responding, have you been dropped? I got the same notice a few 
days back, and I hadn't been "notified" of anything bouncing, either. 

I guess I just thought it was an automatic thing and not under anyone's 
control. I didn't notice a time limit, but I just replied without really paying 

I hope you stay, you would be missed...


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>Subject: [Felvtalk] Being dropped
>I am continually (every few weeks) being treatened with having my
>membership disabled/dropped, whatever. However I never received any
>of these any of these "bounces" from my ISP that I am accused of!
>Due to having been in a serious automobile accident......My car hit a
>patch of black ice and went over a hill and hit two trees, I was not
>able to respond to the recent threat from this FelV group.  I do not
>think it is fair to dump me beause I was not able to respond within 3
>days!  I enjoy this group and consider myself a valuable member.
>James,  Please reconsider........ If not then goodbye to everyone here.  
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