OMG, Lorrie - I hope you are okay after that accident!! Too scary!
I get the same thing about "bounces" - just not as often as you seem to be getting them.  I also do not get any notification of "bounces" from my ISP, but from what I understand the "bounces" only go to the originator of the email (not us) - so it does seem rather unfair.
One thing that seems to help me - when we get an email "membership reminder" on the first of every month, I have been going to the login page & changing some setting (and then changing it right back to what it was).  Somehow that seems to help (but I am not a techie, so I can't swear this really does anything, but I haven't gotten any warnings lately).  Also, the "3 day warning" doesn't seem to be a hard & fast rule, since you were still able to send an email that we all received...
*** Any computer tech people out there - can you provide an explanation & possible solution???
Take care of yourself, Lorrie.  I do not want to see you (or anyone else) get dropped.
Kat (Mew Jersey)
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2017 at 5:56 PM
From: Lorrie <>
Subject: [Felvtalk] Being dropped
I am continually (every few weeks) being treatened with having my
membership disabled/dropped, whatever. However I never received any
of these any of these "bounces" from my ISP that I am accused of!

Due to having been in a serious automobile accident......My car hit a
patch of black ice and went over a hill and hit two trees, I was not
able to respond to the recent threat from this FelV group. I do not
think it is fair to dump me beause I was not able to respond within 3
days! I enjoy this group and consider myself a valuable member.

James, Please reconsider........ If not then goodbye to everyone here.


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