The first thing I do when a new cat comes to me is spay or neuter, especially a 
male, makes him less agressive and cuts down on spraying.  If he does spry, 
Jackson Galaxy has a product that really works!  I use it for urine, vomit and 
it really newutralizews the odor.  First though, I do not want to be 
responsible for unwanted kittens so I spay/neuter.  At first, for a few years, 
everyone else gets vaccine for FELV.  Especially after the cat is at least 4 or 
5 years, they do not seem to pass it on to others.  I have had as many as 10 
cats in the house and no transmission of the disease.  Maybe I have been lucky. 
 Annie still shows positive, but she is 9 years and no one else has become 

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