Are you suggesting giving the vaccine to a cat (in my case 1.5) that has tested 
positive but no outward signs of the virus ?  I too haven't spayed her as my 
vet suggests that every cat she has spayed/neutered that was positive died 
within a week. I made the decision based on that to not spay so as not risk 
that. The vet has also recommended no vaccines as they are live virus and 
because of the positive testing recommended not providing any of those. 


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> The first thing I do when a new cat comes to me is spay or neuter, especially 
> a male, makes him less agressive and cuts down on spraying.  If he does spry, 
> Jackson Galaxy has a product that really works!  I use it for urine, vomit 
> and it really newutralizews the odor.  First though, I do not want to be 
> responsible for unwanted kittens so I spay/neuter.  At first, for a few 
> years, everyone else gets vaccine for FELV.  Especially after the cat is at 
> least 4 or 5 years, they do not seem to pass it on to others.  I have had as 
> many as 10 cats in the house and no transmission of the disease.  Maybe I 
> have been lucky.  Annie still shows positive, but she is 9 years and no one 
> else has become positive.
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