I am wondering if it might have been those annoying bounce-backs I get all the 
time. I just wrote to Bob now to let him know that my email and yours have come 
through, so I suggested he retry posting his.

I am heartbroken for him. His other cat – Jello – has apparently been diagnosed 
with a tumour in the lung. He told me over the weekend that he was bringing him 
home. He has a high white cell count (18,600), and his haematocrit has dropped 
from 42 to 22 in a few weeks, and he isn’t eating. Bob had sent me his lab 
results previously and even though the total WBC hadn’t been elevated then, I 
told him I thought there was a bacterial infection at play because the 
neutrophil percentage and actual count were both elevated. I think, but am not 
sure, that in the clinic, they had Jello on Bayatril. I suggested he try the 
Doxy and Winstrol. The Doxy is often effective in circumstances where other 
antibiotics are not effective and the Winstrol my assist getting his 
haematocrit to stabilize and improve appetite. I am not sure if Bob has had a 
chance to try this out yet, but he is despondent.


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Crap. I'd assumed it was quiet because everyone was just kind of bumping along. 
I am so sorry, is there anything I can do to help?

I'll try a private email to him later, in case this doesn't get thru.


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Here is the exchange I have had with Bob.

Bob, I hope it is okay to post for you, since your emails haven’t gone through.


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No word from the moderator and no mail from the list... this is REALLY strange 
and happening at a really bad time...

I am SO damn heartbroken I don't have words...   Jelly is MY Zander...  a very 
special companion much more like a dog.  My shadow whenever I was home...  I am 
going to miss him SO damn much and I don't want him to suffer even a day....  
But... I don't want to just put him down while he has a little quality of life..

Won't take up any more time....   I'm going to write to some of the other list 
members and see if they have been active....


On Sat, Apr 01, 2017 at 10:03 PM, Amani Oakley wrote:

I am incredibly and deeply upset and saddened by your news. Do try the Doxy and 
Winstrol to see if there might be some change. With that high white cell count, 
there is some sort of a bacterial infection going on, as I mentioned in my last 
email. The Doxy is often effective when other antibiotics don’t work.

I haven’t received any postings from the FeLV group. I find it odd that it 
would just stop functioning. Have you tried writing to the moderator to see if 
there is some sort of problem?


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Subject: FeLV talk still active

Sorry to interrupt you Amani but I've written a few times to the FeLV list and 
not seen my mail appear nor have I gotten anything from the list in many 
days....  Have you?  Do you know if it's still active.
My remaining cat ( and very special one) is definitely on his way out and I 
really liked having the support of the group during these times ( most of my 
friends are " understanding " but don't really "get" how important a pet is to 
some of us.....  I don't think I have much time left with him... 186000 WBC, a 
tumor near his lungs and he's not eating at all ( I have him on Pred, and 
Mirtazapine and when I pick him back up from the shelter today I'll start him 
on Doxy, and winstrol just in case it might help a bit....   HCT dropped from 
42 to 20 in the past 5 weeks but don't have a reticulocyte reading as I only 
had 1000.00 to devote to the guy this month and the Xrays and other exams ate 
this up rapidly.....  Honestly.... if it is a lymphoma and he doesn't start 
eating on his own I don't think he'll last much longer..  his breathing is 
being affected as well...
BTW.... not asking for you to get involved... just wanted to tell SOMEONE who 
gets it....


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