Sorry to hear about your Jelly boy. I've been there with the pica/anemia,
difficulty breathing, and not wanting to eat. I don't have any magic
advice, but please know we're here for you and Magellan. It's clear he is
well loved

On Apr 3, 2017 6:22 PM, "ROBERT CHAPEL" <> wrote:

> Hello All:
> I'm going to make this somewhat brief as I've had my last two messages NOT
> post..nor had I received any group messages until about 5 minutes ago..
> My remaining cat ( Magellin..  nee   Jelly )  who is my little love...
> much like Amani's Zander.  Stopped eating
> a week and one half ago...  Hospitalized for two days and vet said very
> bad URI and possible lungworm
> This was the vet the shelter uses and they often don't look to hard first
> time out to save the shelter $$...    Long Story short ( just as matters
> went with my other little guy) I had to spend the money anyway to get an
> accurate DX...    He has a tumor ( likely lymphoma) just forward of his
> heart... a WBC of 186000 and rapidly dropping HCT ( 5 weeks earlier I had
> an extensive wellness exam on him and he was FINE... top of the chart
> HCT... just a couple of other glitches...
> He really HATES being force fed and I don't know I am doing him any favors
> prolonging his life this way as it is not likely that he is going to begin
> to eat again on his own if it is the tumor and the Virus that are causing
> the
> loss of appetite...OR making it difficult for him TO eat ( though he does
> seem to do OK with the Pica that alerted me to the fact that he might be
> anemic... he was eating cat litter and licking the cement powder off the
> laundry room floor)....
> I force fed him for a week in hopes that he might begin to eat again on
> his own....  He's on Mirtazapine, Prednisolone, Winstrol and Doxy right now
> but It's literally killing me to have my little boy just unable to play or
> eat or enjoy being petted...   All the best of what we had is in
> abeyance....    I don't want him to starve to death but if I keep him alive
> by force feeding him  I could just be setting him up for death by another
> means ( he is clearly having difficulty breathing...using accessory
> muscles...  only occassionally lying on his side comfortably).....  He does
> not appear to be in abject pain so I am reluctant to put him down but it is
> SO trying for me particularly in he wake of losing my other little guy only
> a couple of months ago after nearly a year of trying to get him
> well......   And, once again, there is the damn matter of financial
> limitations.   If there were a "cure" and it cost me a few thousand I would
> spend the money.. but with a FeLV cat it is highly questionable if
> thousands spent could even guarantee a few more months....  Currently I am
> force feeding him a few oz's a day of AD with a calorie supplement paste
> mixed in... Just enough to keep him from starving and giving him some
> fluid... just in case buying him a few extra days witnesses any kind of
> change for the positive with the meds he's getting.....      I'm trying NOT
> to give in to putting him down now to save ME the heartache of watching
> another cat die over a matter of months...   Living alone and having no
> one  to talk to about this that shares my feelings for this guy and won't
> get VERY tired of hearing about it  makes it that much more difficult.....
> I'm getting VERY depressed and closure could at least leave me having only
> grief to deal with...which is, frankly, a LOT easier than the daily....   "
> is he doing better"?  " maybe a miracle will occur"... or putting him on my
> chest only to have him be so uncomfortable there that he immediately
> leaves....   That's the hardest part.... He's here physically but I no
> longer have MY Jelly...   Thanks for listening...   any suggestions
> welcome...
> Bob
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