Hi Sheri...

You are SO right about not knowing when one is doing right by them...  Jelly is still alive despite refusing to eat anything voluntarily.  He still drinks enough water and Urinates more than usual...   Perhaps I'm being selfish keeping him alive but I hope from day to day that every day I have him on Winstrol Doxy and Pred  is one day more that _ something_ positive might happen ( though I am worried about the effects of food deprivation along with the Liver enzyme problems associated with Winstrol...  But...  it's a race against time anyway and as long as I am not hurting him more  ( I'd be putting him down otherwise).... Still... I just DON'T know if I'm being fair to him... He doesn't appear to be in abject discomfort but is certainly not " enjoying" life in any way...   ( though he sometimes appears to enjoy being groomed)... Mostly it is simply breaking my heart several times a day and reducing me to inconsolable tears as I watch this formerly lively loving sociable beautiful 1.5 yr old cat unable to run jump play or eat and I wonder 50 times a day if I should simply put him down for my own sake as WELL as his....  The grief of having him gone will be more intense but the grief of seeing him in decline daily ( particularly days like today when I have to be home to do a lot of paperwork related matters and he's in view every minute) might well be the larger pain......   I'd prefer for him to die at home but I don't want to make him suffer just SO he can die at home....   I'm sure all of us have had this " conversation " with out infirm animals...   Laying next to them and asking them " Should I help you along NOW buddy" ??  Wishing with ALL my heart that he could give me the answer.   If he were in obvious discomfort I wouldn't hesitate a moment but cats hide their discomfort...  He was hiding out earlier in the process but right now he is laying on the computer simply sleeping....  He will likely get up later and go to his litter box and then go elsewhere and lay down and sleep... He'll drink some water... sniff at whatever food I have out for him, not eat it... and go to sleep again....  The only sign of distress I see/hear is his breathing rate is elevated and he has fluid in his trachea and down possibly into the lungs ( though not noticed on original Xray)...  My heart goes out to you and little mo... perhaps a bit moreso now because I had a little guy who started at a disadvantage and never recovered....  He and Jelly were fast friends for the first couple of months I had him but he rapidly developed complications ( mostly with his eyes ) and soon after was in much pain and unable to play any longer...    I can't go on with this right now.....   I am just beside myself that I am losing both of my boys in little over a year from the time I adopted them.....    I honestly want to help FeLV cats but I don't know if I can stand the sadness of going through this again unless I start living with other people who have an investment in ill cats so I can " share the grief " and care.....   I live alone and life is not happy for a variety of reasons...  my cats were the bright spot in my day ....  but also a impediment to my being able to get away to do what I needed to do for ME to stay involved socially..    Another issue for another time...  need to ask the group in a separate note about force feeding...


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Bob, I met our cats through the shelter we volunteer at as well. We wanted
to adopt sooner but my dog blew out his CCL and needed surgery and to
recover first. Then we went to get Mo and they were under quarantine for ringworm. By the time Mo made it back to the adoption room he was stressed and sick and I feel terrible. Violet at least had a home once (her owner passed away which bounced her back to the shelter) Mo has had nothing but the shelter and illness. Giving a home to the "unadoptable" is a beautiful and rewarding thing, I wish people would give these animals a chance too! I hope your colony can recover from their illness, the cats on our FELV room are all sweet as can be too. It always amazes me, the capacity animals have
to forgive us for their suffering.

How is Jelly? Have the meds helped at all? It's so hard to know what the
right thing is sometimes.


On Wed, Apr 5, 2017, 5:09 PM ROBERT CHAPEL  wrote:

I know , all too well, what you are going through and hope to the power
of 10 that the meds help for mo as much as they have for others on the
list.... The more people out there recognize that FeLV is not always a
death sentence ( if one has a forward thinking vet) the more people
might be willing to adopt these lovely cats ( At the shelter where I
volunteer EACH of our FeLV cats is nice than the next)  I am worried
about the Colony now because one of the Colony just died from Effusive
FIP and since all were raised together there is a high likelihood that
the others are still carrying the Corona Virus.... fingers crossed as to
whether is will develop into FIP in them....   So glad you have a vet
that will work with you and my hopes are SO with little mo who really
hasn't been given a fair shake until you guys came along.....   Thanks
for giving this deserving little guy a home.... EVEN if it's just for a
brief while.....


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