For folks who have Syringe Fed cats... 
How much do you " force" at each feeding when a cat shows little interest in even swallowing that which you manage to get into his mouth...   Jelly fights it tooth and nail...   I am WAY behind in his caloric needs because he fights so vehemently now about taking meds or being fed that I feel that it is hurting more than helping....   I was using AD with High Density calorie paste but he doesn't like it at ALL so I am now using bits of baby food and alternating with KMR Kitten Milk and literally forcing him to swallow a couple of oz's...which is also far too little......  He still drinks water on his own and is urinating a large amount... for all I know at this point his Kidneys could be shutting down

He is  lethargic enough at this point that I am 75% sure that I will put him down before the weekend is out...  If he were just battling anemia I'd have more hope for the Win/Pred/Doxy combo but with the tumor I'm feeling I might not be doing him any favors.... Admittedly... it was only a couple of months back that I watched my other little boy fade away at home over the course of a couple of months but HE was eating at least.... Mostly... I don't think " I " can take much more of watching my lovely boy die... Every day I'm here living my life around trying to get him to eat.. watching that he doesn't eat cement or other detritus ( Pica r/t anemia) putting food in a thousand places so that if he IS inclined at one moment TO eat there will be something near at hand TO eat and getting more and more depressed with each passing day at the lack of response.....  This damnable disease!!!   6 short weeks ago he passed his wellness exam with flying colors....  They can be claimed in a heartbeat.       I don't know that I will take in another FeLV cat unless I can find a damn vet that will work WITH ME and give a dying cat a fighting chance.......  I can't take this amount of sadness again for at least several months...

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I've struggled with Mo since he came home, literally, the only thing he will eat on his own is the Temptations treats. I count them so I know he's gotten more than his basic needs every day but he's never bowled us over with his appetite, even on mirzapine (definitely misspelled that). He will lick the gel off his feet still, I feel lucky to have found anything he
likes but a bit stuck as he won't try anything else!

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Good luck Sheri. I understand all too well the reluctance to add stress by syringe feeding, but I think that the ?gas in the engine? is also dependent
on getting in those calories. I rely on baby food. I find that it is
usually palatable enough that you can usually syringe a wee bit of it on their lips or just inside their lips ? if they sit or lie down beside you or in your lap (my preferred position), and they will lick at what is in or
on their mouth. I think this helps to stimulate their appetite. The
Winstrol will often also help improve appetite, strength and a sense of
feeling better so that they want to eat a bit more.


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