I have, obviously ( as do all of us) a very difficult time reconciling how someone could NOT care about animals or worse... use and abuse them for profit.   In truth... I think my anger at such people is more than a bit beyond the pale and I worry, honestly, about getting myself in real legal trouble should I encounter someone in the act of purposely harming an animal.......   I try to remind myself to NOT be so self Righteous since I had nothing to do with the caring I have for animals.... I was simply "made" that way... it was part of me from the earliest years that I can remember....  Had my genes been different..perhaps I'd be running a dog fighting ring..    Beyond this, though, I feel it IS justified to require people to at least ACT decently even if their heart does not melt for animals....   Ok... so maybe they don't particularly care about the miserable lives many animals ( and people) have....  I don't ask that they _ feel_ differently but I DO expect that they will not contribute to or exacerbate that misery....   This is MY line in the sand and I have NO forgiveness in my heart for people who do so....  People never cease to amaze me both with their capacity for goodness and caring and their utter lack of these same traits... how such polar opposites can exist in the same  ( purportedly sentient) species boggles my mind.....   It does my heart a world of good to know that all of you are out there making life better for the little creatures that can do so little to improve their own lot... your kindness humbles me....

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