I agree with you - I have no tolerance for anyone that abuses anyone or animal smaller & weaker than themselves.  Even when some people have a warped sense of humor.  One of my (former) co-workers had shown me a cartoon book titled "101 uses for a dead cat" - it was dumb, sophmoric 'humor'.  I asked him if it would be just as 'funny' if it were "101 uses for a dead baby".  He looked slightly horrified & said "NO", and I pointed out that it is Not really Funny, is it...  Some people don't think.
I saw a cute plaque a while ago that said -
"Lord, Give me Patience... Because if You give me Strength, I'm gonna need Bail Money to go with it!!"
That about sums it up.
Kat (Mew Jersey)
Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 3:44 AM
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] People who don't care about animals...

I have, obviously ( as do all of us) a very difficult time reconciling
how someone could NOT care about animals or worse... use and abuse them
for profit.   In truth... I think my anger at such people is more than a
bit beyond the pale and I worry, honestly, about getting myself in real
legal trouble should I encounter someone in the act of purposely harming
an animal....... 

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