Thank you Amani. This was such a wonderful story.


On 05-26, Amani Oakley wrote:

> I took home a little girl last year, who also had a diagnosis of
> cancer. The shelter where she had been staying, was closing down
> and she was obviously not adoptable. Someone at the shelter had
> heard of my reputation for being a sap for hard luck cases, so I
> was contacted out of the blue and asked if I would take her and let
> her live out her days sleeping on a comforter instead of in a
> shelter. I agreed. After watching her for a while, and obtaining
> her previous medical records and reviewing them, I was skeptical
> that she had cancer. She wasn???t deteriorating, but she had a
> whole lot of serious pain from something. Happily, after much
> running around and thousands of dollars, we had her in for surgery
> in March and a piece of tissue was removed (a remnant it appears,
> from an infected uterus which was removed) and I was so gratified
> to see the immediate change in her personality. She immediately
> brightened up - even played a bit - and started hanging around us
> instead of being in a poor mood and sleeping alone upstairs all the
> time. She still has pain but it has markedly reduced.
> Every once in a while - something disastrous turns good. I am
> crossing my fingers for your new charge.
> Amani

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