(a well funded operation in Upstate New York)       and      Aslanscats       also in the Northeast Are the only ones that come to mind at the moment...    Also you might give a look at  Seer Farms  in Lakewood NJ.     These are the only ones that are driveable distance from where I get the impression you are from.....    I know there are others but the small operations are often questionable as they are often well meaning but frequently so underfunded that the animals do not get adequate care....  I don't think most of us want to send these more unfortunate creatures simply off to a place that will treat them like Hospice Pets ( unless they are truly close to death)....     When I first got my FeLV boys I did a LOT of calling around the US to shelters and Sanctuaries that looked after FeLV cats and one call led to contacts at another and so's been a while but would recommend you do the same.... Frankly... the best care info I received was from this group... but that does not obviate the possibility that there are others out there that have execellent suggestions or resources that would be helpful......   Sorry I can't provide more but , though retired, I'm swamped with things that MUST be done today...


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