Bob - my vets get buprenorphine in a transdermal cream which gets applied to 
the inner ear. The cream is specially compounded by a vet compounding pharmacy 
they use. I find it very effective and certainly helps not having to give it 
orally when the mouth hurts.


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Thanks Sheri...

The medication I mentioned ( Suboxone) is the brand name for Buphenorphine ( 
which I could not recollect at the time of my note) I have a LOT of experience 
with  _ Buphenorphine_ from my months with my Little Yogi who was plagued with 
Uveitis... He was on it quite a while...   I gave a syringe to Gilbert and it 
appeared to help a bit...   may be the best choice... I don't know, but wanted 
to ask the group if they've used other things...  Particularly since Gilberts 
mouth hurts quite a bit and I'd actually prefer something injectable or 
something that could be added to his food....   The only reliable way to 
medicate him right now without causing him discomfort is subq ...   so I guess 
he'll have to have a moments discomfort in exchange for a longer period of more 

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