Amani, Margo et al....
Thank you for the input....  I am quite familiar with oral buprenorphine having dosed my boys more times than I care to recall...  was hoping there might be something else as well but after doing my due diligence on the Web it does appear that cats pose significant challenges when their pain is not joint related... He's already been on  one course of Prednisolone...but...frankly, given his condition I don't know why they are not giving it to him chronically..... and yes...I agree..ANY thing that can help to reduce inflammation would be a plus...  I was fairly into Herbal Tx at one time some years ago but need to look more into it for cats... Wasn't particularly impressed at the results I got but others swear by Herbs (  potency is so variable it's hard to say for certain)....  When I took Gilbert it was WITH the understanding that I would be hospice fostering him... not looking for cures but amelioration of any discomfort he might have is priority one for ME...  I'm over a barrel now because if they don't agree with what i feel he needs for pain I either have to return him to them ( THAT would be very difficult... or pay for it myself... and that violates the terms of fostering the cat....  But... I doubt they would have an issue.... they already know what I will propose if they don't agree.... Buprenorphine isn't prohibitively expensive if purchased in vials and I fill the syringes myself... it would be if it were purchased FROM a vet in prefilled syringes....  Fortunately he does not yet appear to be in MAJOR pain ( not hiding out, vocalizing, getting aggressive or ceasing eating..... but his IS uncomfortable and this will doubtless progress as the tumor grows.....   Will discuss Prednisolone and Buprenorphine with the shelter vet and director..


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