As always... thank you for the advice and all the other references to research ( Doxy, Cannabinol) that can be helpful down the road...   In the case of Gilbert it is perplexing that they are so withholding re: drugs.  Gilbert is a favorite of everyone and no one wants to see him hurting....  I'll keep making suggestions.  Starting once again to pay my own ( larger) medical contributions under medicare I cannot afford to be taking him to vets on my own ( as well as it being a potential problem if I do because he is ( technically) the shelters " property as he is a Foster....   Right now he is on purefied liquid Venus Fly Trap per a complementary Vet who is well regarded in the local community...which she says helped her keep her own cats tumor at bay for nine months (  This lady is not simply " out there"... but I have not yet done any looking re: VFT as I was not planning to prolong Gilbies life.. Just to make him comfortable and keep him out of the shelter during his final days....  Now, of course, having gotten so used to and loving having him with me I am interested in how to keep him painlessly around with me longer....  I like watching TV with a 15 lb cat sitting on my chest with his face inches from my own... snoring..


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