Thank you for all the responses re: pain meds....  I was hoping there was something out there that I hadn't heard about ( actually there are many but I was hoping for first hand experience)... The shelter is mulling over providing Buprenorphine... but.. in the meantime I got them to reinstate his prednisolone ( which is seemingly already helping....HOPE it continues to do so)...  Wondering if anyone had used larger doses than 5mg BID.. This is a cat  that probably doesn't have a long time to go but one never knows....  I don't want to play " fast and loose"  with his other organ systems by giving to much of a a steroid... Yes... I want him comfortable but it would be awful if the tumor receded and I ended up screwing up his remaining days with Cushings or Severe Diabetes...  I did a rather extensive overview of pain meds for Cats today and found it very hard to obtain definitive information....  Probably need to go to original Vet Sources....  Sure hope kitties have natural endorphins that keep their pain levels lower because it is DAMN hard to find stuff that will help their pain.... BTW...  I gave him a little alprazolam the other night when he was in REAL pain ( prior to redosing with Pred) He had a paradoxical reaction at first ( acting kitten like and climbing things he had NO business being on ...considering that the drug had completely screwed up his balance...  He acted like a drunk essentially until enough time passed that he could sleep it off ( which he did most of the next day)... On the plus side.. he was not in obvious pain for at least 10 hours!!...  

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